Business Trip to England from 8 to 17 April 2015


As we constantly try to provide excellent service to our customers we went on a businesstrip to England to get updated about English beers.

After some basic information in theory we of course had to try this famous british drink in real.

The biggest difference we noticed was that they fill the glass to the top without any foam. In Austria this would be an absolute no-go.

Our excursion to the UK was a very interesting experience for each of us and improved our teamspirit immensely.


 Facebook Company


During our business trip we also visited the Facebook Company in London. It was a great experience for all of us to see how this social network works behind the scenes.

It was a big building in the middle of London. The working atmosphere surprised everyone of us. All the workers were extremely chilled. There were hammocks, couches and many chilling areas. What we all liked was that the people did not have an own office, they were in big rooms with about 25 other people.

Also amazing was the big cafeteria where you could eat as much as you want for free. In front of the cafeteria there was a sweet shop, a dream for everyone except for the people who are on diet. Facebook offers everything that a human being needs. The employees can take a nap there or take a shower, even at the toilets were toothbrushes and paste.

It was amazing to see how motivated the employees were and how good the team spirit was.



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